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Summer is quickly approaching and with it's arrival comes the long awaited VACATION!  The follow article was written by a blogger by the name of KAREN ROBOCK.  I wanted to share it with you as a reminder to "Get ready for Summer".  I hope you enjoy.  Visit my website to check out the ways that I can help you get ready for the summer.

Three weeks before vacation: Buff your skin

A few weeks prior to your trip, step up your skin-buffing routine by adding an exfoliating body wash during your shower or using a bath mitt, glove or loofah with your usual body cleanser. Sugar or salt scrubs are another way to slough off dry, dead skin. Exfoliate two to three times a week, massaging skin with a gentle circular motion. 

For the softest skin, lock in moisture post-body scrub. When you step out of the shower, pat skin dry and immediately apply moisturizer. Products that contain ingredients like jojoba and shea butters provide lasting hydration. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen on exposed skin, too. When you’re actually on holiday – and spending the day in your swimsuit at the pool or dockside – you can combine these two steps. “A good-quality sunscreen can double as a body lotion,” says Dr. Manish Khanna, consulting dermatologist for Garnier Ombrelle. During the summer months, most complexions don’t require as much heavy-duty moisture, and it’ll save space in your bag, too.

Two weeks before vacation: Build a faux glow

Nothing says summer like golden skin, but we all know that excess sun exposure is a no-no. To get a healthy glow, opt for a self-tanner. For the most foolproof results, use a gradual formulation that slowly builds colour over the course of several applications.

Gradual self-tanners are user-friendly these days, but they still need to be applied with care. Since the colour will sink into dry skin, leaving behind dark streaks, proper exfoliation is an essential first step.

If you’ve just showered, make sure skin is totally dry. Apply a lightweight moisturizer to areas that are most likely to get streaky: nose, knees, elbows and ankles. Once you’ve achieved your desired shade, maintain the glow with light applications every few days, according to package directions.

One week before vacation: Hair removal

Hair removal should be top of your to-do list in the week before a beach vacation.  There are plenty of ways to get smooth skin, including salon laser removal treatments, but they require repeated visits and come with a hefty price tag. For consistently great results, we recommend these two tried-and-true methods, waxing or shaving.


Waxing will keep you hair-free for the longest amount of time – roughly three to five weeks – and guarantee smooth results. If you’re heading to the salon to de-fuzz, make sure your skin is prepped.

“Ideally, you should exfoliate the area thoroughly the night before or the morning of your appointment.  This primes skin for hair removal, reducing the chance of bumps and skin irritation post-treatment.

For best post-wax results, apply a cool compress to close pores and prevent bacteria buildup, which can lead to bumps, especially in sensitive areas like the bikini line. A cooling aloe vera gel can also soothe skin. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate every few days.

Don’t do your bikini line yourself: It’s tricky to get the right angle to rip the wax off and you risk painful bruising.

A few days before vacation: Get polished

Your nails definitely deserve some attention before a big vacation. Whether you’re heading to a nail bar or going DIY, a manicure and pedicure are musts.

“It’s a great time to get your feet properly exfoliated and polished before exposing them in the cute sandals you’ve been dying to wear,” says Kristen Wood, CEO of the Ten Spot beauty bars in Toronto. If you’re doing your own toes, follow the same steps they’d take at the salon: Begin by soaking your feet to soften calluses and rough patches, then use a foot file to smooth them over. Cut and file nails as needed, push back cuticles, exfoliate feet and moisturize. For the best polish application, “Clean the nail plate with polish remover to get rid of any oils first,” advises Wood. Use base and top coats, and apply two coats of colour for the richest-looking finish.

Not sure which shade to choose? “Bright pinks and corals have been all the rage going into summer, but teal and plum are also popular,” says Wood.

Follow the same routine to clean up your fingernails, using a matching or complementary shade of polish. If you’re going to be away for a week or two, keep in mind that lighter shades wear better because chips won’t stand out.

If you’re leaving the polishing to a pro, consider some nail art that will disguise imperfections. “A negative space half-moon is a great option for vacations because the regrowth will be less obvious,” says Wood. For a longer-lasting mani, consider a gel polish, which will stay put for one to two weeks.

One day before vacation: Pack your beauty essentials

Having a stash of the right products – in plane-friendly sizes – will make the trip so much more pleasant (and pretty). You’ll be able to tame messy hair, revive dry skin and touch up makeup all before you touch down. 

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