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Getting rid of clogged pores just got easier

One of the questions that is often asked is "How do I get rid of my blackheads/whiteheads?" The answer, extractions. What is an extraction? An extraction is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore by manual or mechanical means. Extractions are performed as part of a facial. Most people need at least a couple of extractions during each facial, though you may require more extractions if this is your first facial. Many of you have had the original scaling fluid in my treatment room before, but there is a new version that is better at desincrustation, which is a deep cleansing treatment that softens sebum and is ideal for oily or congested skins in preparation for extractions. Intro

Meghan Markle Wedding Day Makeup

I loved Meghan Markle’s makeup and thought she looked stunning! Many makeup artists were not impressed with her wedding day look. Some saying it was too plain. I have always been a fan of letting your natural beauty shine. Makeup should not be used to cover you in layers instead it is to help enhance your features. I love the fact that Meghan enhanced her natural beauty features. Her eyes were the main beauty feature. She wore a smoky gray eyeshadow, fluttery lashes, and her brows were strong and filled-in to frame her eyes. Her skin was kept natural and glowing. She wore a soft pink lip. It matters because she stayed true to herself, even with the whole world watching. Full glam is NOT for

Royal Wedding

photo credit: Geneviève Charbonneau The countdown is on for the Royal wedding. Meghan Markle will wed in less than 24 hours. I am interested to see if her makeup artist will stay true to Meghan's moto, less is best. Meghan actually loves her freckles. She has often times told makeup artists to please allow her freckles to show thru and not edit them out of her photos. Talk about embracing and loving the skin you are in.

Don’t let Allergies get the best of you.

I love the warmer months. It signifies longer days and nights that are filled with outdoor dinners. I look forward to grilling outside for dinner. I also love to just go out on the patio with a good book while the kids play outside. There is only one thing that I despise during the spring / summer transition....POLLEN. That 6 letter word can ruin the rest of my night. Leaving me with itchy, red, puffy eyes. After a little trial and error I have found few solutions to help. 1. Wear sunglasses when you are outside to not only keep the sun out of your eyes but to also keep the pollen from blowing into your eyes. 2. Take a warm shower to rinse off any pollen. 3. Get Soothing, hydrating under e

✨Waynesboro Destination Spa✨

I have recently experienced a huge increase in new clients that are visiting from Canada, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, and other areas to see the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and the Shenandoah valley. The area many of us call home. How often have you overlooked the beauty that surrounds you daily? This weekend is a great time to embrace the beauty that surrounds you daily. Julie and Lacey from North Carolina taking a moment from hiking the Blue Ridge trails⛰ for a brow wax. These best friends stopped by today and I had a blast talking with them. Good luck ladies on the rest of your journey. Stop by again on your next visit to the Blue Ridge mountains. I can't wait to hear about the re


#MothersDay is this Sunday. First time moms, step-moms, fur moms, foster moms, the moms who lost a baby, pregnant moms, those who take care of someone special, grandmothers, those wishing to be moms but can't conceive...every mom deserves a spa day, she won't forget! Visit to purchase a gift certificate just for mom!

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