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Get The Party Started.

Planning to attend a holiday party or gathering? Don't forget to book your lash or makeup appointment soon. Our lashes will give you a fresh mascara look without any additional fuss, freeing your time to pick out the perfect dress for your holiday occasion. Start the process of looking your best and reducing the stress with a relaxing facial and finish off the look with lashes then makeup at the studio. Look great, feel great, and wow them this holiday season.

Don’t Show Up Empty Handed.

How amazing would you feel if someone gifted you a hostess gift that allowed you to relax? I mean after cleaning the house, stuffing the turkey, running last minute errands to make sure their is enough wine. If you are not hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, treat your friend or family member to a well deserved relaxing service. Pickup your gift card online or in store.

Beauty Rest

Sleep is crucial to both skin health and your overall health.😴 When the sun goes down, your mind and body switch into an active regeneration mode – repairing daytime damage and boosting the production of substances that protect and renew. Here’s what happens: * The brain clears out waste products like amyloid beta (a substance associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease). * Production of protective brain cells called oligodendrocytes ramps up. * Memories are consolidated to enhance problem-solving and creativity. * Melatonin, known for its antioxidant (a.k.a. anti-aging) properties, is produced at night. * Levels of the stress hormone cortisol fall during sleep, which helps

Ghouls, Goblins, and Me.

I had the best time yesterday meeting all the little gouls and goblins at the annual downtown Waynesboro trick or treat. This event is put on every year by Waynesboro Kiwanis Club. We shut down the streets and pass out candy to all the community kids dressed up in their favorite halloween costume. I had no idea the kids would go crazy over a Minnie Mouse. But, then again I am about her height and size and to be honest most of the kids think I am one of them. lol. Another big hit were the bubble wands I handed out for kids that have a food allergy. Since learning about the teal pumpkin project a few years ago, I try to always do my part. Besides Halloween is about letting the kids have fun an

Thankful Thursday-What are you thankful for?

And just like that it’s November. When it seems like we are living in a dark world we have to remind ourselves there is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family’s health. My son and mother have both been hospital free for the past few months and for that I am thankful. What are you thankful for?🍁

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