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Bye Bye Mascara

No more mascara streaks. My vegetable based lash tint will give you a mascara look without fear of smudge or streaks running down your face. ⏰Results typically last 4-6 weeks 💻Schedule your lash tint session now.

Rain and Snow? Oh Spring.

Raise your hand if you would like to be wrapped in a warm robe while sliding into a warm heated bed for an hour of pure relaxation and stress relief. Sounds good to me.🙋🏼‍♀️

Spring Clean

Happy First day of Spring.🌺 Now is the perfect time to check the date on your sunscreen to make sure it is not expired. Protect your skin from solar damage.☀️

Bye Bye Frown Lines

Working on my 11's otherwise known as my frown lines. Microcurrent loosens the tightened facial fascia to relax the muscles of the face, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Why not just get botox to hide my 11's? I prefer to not have toxins in my body and I hate needles. Microcurrent is noninvasive and allows me to get the results I want pain free.


Green light therapy is used to treat: ☀️sun spots ☑️dilated capillaries 😞sagging skin around the eyes ☑️under eye circles ☑️hyperpigmentation

What's In Your Skin Care Fridge?

Wait, what is a skin care fridge? Exactly what is sounds like. A mini fridge that keeps your skin care products with active ingredients cold. Why not just put them on the counter? Placing your water based serums and lotions in a skin care fridge will actually keep your active ingredients “active” for a longer period after opening. Also helps inhibit bacterial growth in your products. I love to keep my jade roller, peptide serum, vitamin c serum, eye gel, and hydrating masks in mine. Its so refreshing. Now, not all products should be placed in your skin care fridge. Have questions? Ask me at your next appointment.

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