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The Beauty of Kansa

Ayuervedic Kansa Healing metal

Kansa is known as an Indian healing metal.


Copper is an essential micronutrient, an antimicrobial, and an antioxidant. It helps synthesize keratin and produce collagen, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes while boosting skin regeneration.


Wonderful for relaxation of the facial muscles, as well as a gentle and natural option for a facial lymph drainage and stimulates the subtle energy grids known in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions.

No batteries, no radiation, no chemicals 


The Kansa Experience

  •         Helps to make your skin look toned, tightened and firmed for young              and more mature people alike

  •         Works with the marmas so it helps with reducing puffiness, fine lines           and redness and around the eyes by moving extra Pitta out of the                 body

  •         Helps in dealing with congestion be it in the skin or deeper in the face         in the sinuses, for example

  •         Gently mobilizes toxins and calms inflammation, redness and heat,               normalizing skin tones and helping the skin to become fresh and                 clear

  •         Helps move lymph and improve circulation so the skin is better                     cleansed and nourished




Benefits of Kansa Wand Face Massage:

  •         Revitalizes face, shoulder, and neck muscles

  •         Gently lifts facial skin

  •         Reduces face pain, head pain and tension 

  •         Reduces acidity

  •         Detoxifying

  •         Unifies body, mind and spirit

  •         Calms down the whole nervous system

  •         Eases muscle tension

  •         Erases stress and tiredness in any muscle group promoting vitality

  •         Helps to relax the whole body and eases chronic pains

  •         Calms the mind giving you a clear head

  •         Helps with insomia and difficulties of falling asleep

  •         Improves circulation related problems

  •         Removes built up toxins from the body

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