Meghan Markle Wedding Day Makeup

I loved Meghan Markle’s makeup and thought she looked stunning! Many makeup artists were not impressed with her wedding day look. Some saying it was too plain. I have always been a fan of letting your natural beauty shine. Makeup should not be used to cover you in layers instead it is to help enhance your features.

I love the fact that Meghan enhanced her natural beauty features. Her eyes were the main beauty feature. She wore a smoky gray eyeshadow, fluttery lashes, and her brows were strong and filled-in to frame her eyes. Her skin was kept natural and glowing. She wore a soft pink lip.

It matters because she stayed true to herself, even with the whole world watching.

Full glam is NOT for everyone and she looked timeless. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Photos: Getty Images

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