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Digital Detox

WHY DIGITAL DETOX? Computers, cell phones and other digital devices make life more convenient in many ways, but constant digital stimulation can overtax the eyes, neck, hands, arms and even the brain. This can lead to increased stress levels and lack of sleep, which can dull the appearance of the skin and accentuate signs of premature skin aging. A Digital Detox service gives the mind and body a break from digital overstimulation. Benefits can include: • less toxic stress
 • more mindfulness
 • a deeper connection to other people • increased creativity
 • more restful sleep
 • better skin Lowering stress can help decrease the skin’s reactivity, while restful sleep can provide dramatic effects on the skin due to increased blood flow. Increased downtime through a Digital Detox service also allows the skin to switch from “defense mode” to “regeneration mode,” so it focuses more on repairing and renewing itself.  

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