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Waxing vs. Shaving

Which One Is Better For Hair Removal and Why?


Many do not mind the nicks and cuts that are part and parcel of shaving. Shaving is generally painless, less messy, and less expensive. That being said, waxing has a lot of benefits over shaving in the long run. In this article we will take a look at waxing vs. shaving.

Professional Waxing

  • How It Works: Hot wax is applied to the region you wish to wax and removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth rather swiftly. Yes, it will sometimes hurt but it will pull the hair out from the roots.

  • Best Suited For: You can wax your legs, arms, under arms legs and even bikini areas. Those who have coarse, dark and stubborn hair too will benefit from waxing.

  • Pros: Waxing removes hair from the roots which will keep you hair free for at least three weeks and gives your skin smooth finish. Waxed skin could last as long as six weeks depending on the thickness and type of hair.

  • Cons: Your hair has to regrow to wax again because the wax needs at least a quarter inch of stubble to be able to grasp and pull it out.  The treatment or procedure can be painful at times as the hair is ripped out at the roots. Waxing can also cause ingrown hairs in many women.  If not done properly.

  • Average Cost: You will spend anywhere between $30-100 for salon waxing. The cost will vary depending on the salon and the areas you wish to get waxed.

  • Do not drink and wax! If you think alcohol will ease the pain, you are mistaken. Alcohol will tighten your pores and make the whole experience more painful  Choose a good quality wax. The better the wax, the less painful the experience will be.


  • How It Works: Needs no explanation, shaving removes hair at the skin’s surface. You just cut the hair visible with a razor!

  • Best Suited For: Legs, arms, and underarms. If you have lighter and finer hair, you can hope for better results with shaving. Do not attempt a bikini hair removal with razor!

  • Pros: Shaving is quick, easy, inexpensive, and rather painless. Shaving creams make the process all the more easier as it moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft.

  • Cons: Hair regrowth is very quick with shaving as it is cut at the surface. The regrowth is also blunt and may appear thicker.
    cuts, nicks, and razor burns go hand in hand with shaving. You will also be prone to ingrown hairs.

  • Average Cost: Razors and shaving cream are very inexpensive and can be bought at a variety of stores and shops.


Why You Should Go For Waxing Over Shaving?

1. Waxing removes dead cells

2. It saves you time

3. Convenient availability  

4. No cuts 

5. Long lasting

6. Time heals all pains

7. Better for hygiene 

8. Smoother skin

9. Hair grows back slower and thinner.  In the long run, hair might cease to grow

10. Best for ‘some’ areas of the body

Tips to make Waxing a Lot Less Painful

  • Exfoliate before you wax to soften the hair and open up the hair follicles, making the process less painful.

  • Make sure your hair length is long enough to wax.  The optimal length would be between 1/4 and 3/4 inch for best results.

  • Pop in a painkiller about half an hour before waxing if you have a low tolerance for pain. 

  • Apply wax on the right direction. 

  • Wipe t

  • Avoid tight clothing, exposure to sunlight, and scented lotions soon after waxing.

  • Avoid waxing just before or during your menses as you will be super sensitive during that time of the month.

  • Do not sit upright while getting your eyebrows waxed.  

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